Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creative Photo # 15 - Week 1

Don't know if this is creative, but it is a capture! I'd enter these photos in the "series" category, if there were one. I snapped the pictures over about a two-minute time period.

Linus loves to poke around in shopping bags when I get home from the grocery store. Come to think of it, his brother Rigby does too. But this is all about Linus today.

Then he exited the bag. No more photo ops here.

This is my entry in Roger's Creative Photography contest this week.
To join in, visit him at Idaho Photo.


Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Do away with pet bags..use recycling bags! :P
Cute picture!
Napaboaniya APAD

Patti said...

thanks, Elaine

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well that looks like fun!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

You appear to have let the cat out of the bag for your Creative Photography post!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Michele said...

Adorable... he's a cutie!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

lucy said...

What is it about cats and bags? Our cat loves them too. Great photos. Good luck.

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, too cute, nice job.

GMAC said...

how cute the cat is. looks like she's having fun inside the bag.

Enigma said...

If they're not climing into bags they are climbing into boxes. Great shots! Good luck in the contest!

Terry said...

Hi Patti
More kitties!
How cute is Linus!!
I will have to catch up with Rigby after, because I just came down to thank you for your visit and read your Ruby Tuesday post!
You know what I love about Blogger kitties Patti, is that they all have such neat names!
My blg black cat was named Sir Galahad ....God bless....Love Terry

RW said...

Your cat photos always amuse me Patti, thank you! Hey is there is such a thing as cat bag as opposed to
doggie lol! Have a awesome weekend!! :D

Gattina said...

Cute ! My cats do the same as soon as there is a bag or a carton on the floor they have to sit in it, lol !

April said...

Cats are so funny! I like the first picture very much - those bright yellow eyes and that sweet pink nose. Beautiful image!

mark's tails said...

Very sweet. I posted a series shot of cats recently as well.

Crazy Working Mom said...

I remember having kitties at home when I was growing up. Anytime there was a new box or bag brought into the house, they were curious to find out all about it!

Great shots. Good luck in the contest. :)

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