Friday, April 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

~ please click on photo to enlarge ~

I recently was introduced to three albino African frogs and a sucker fish. I hope there are enough shadows in this aquarium to qualify for a shadow shot!
I had to share.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yard Art

"Lemme outta here."

This morning I realized I needed a Yard Art photo, so I stepped outside and voila!

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Birthdays = burpdays

We went out last evening for dinner to celebrate Ralph's birthday two days' late. Better late than never!
We had a lot of food, and everything was yummy. I'm happy to report we passed on dessert. We had a chocolate cake for his birthday, so I thought maybe I had better pull back and not get dessert.

Since we have a big balance on our credit card, Ralph redeemed points and got a $50 gift card for the restaurant. So it didn't cost too much. Yay!
And it's nice to get served, and not have to cook and clean up afterward. Isn't that the best part of eating out?

Well, that and people watching...the place was packed and I was able to do a lot of people watching.

It was so busy for a Wednesday night you'd never know the economy was bad. Surprising.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sepia scenes

[please click on photo to enlarge]

Regular readers will know where I spotted his great old photograph. It was at my hairdresser's shop, which I have featured in numerous posts over the past 10 days. ;-)
She has lots of vintage stuff around and it's a most interesting place to visit and take pictures.

Maureen said this is a photo of her aunt, now 97, back in the day. She said her aunt didn't drive, she was just posing.
And that's her aunt's father, Maureen's grandfather, in the back, keeping a close eye on his daughter!

Mary T, The Teach, is our hostess. Go visit her Sepia Scenes blog to see many more photos and join in the fun.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

To all who stopped by last week and saw the many photos from my hairdresser's shop: here's another photo I almost forgot to post.
Maureen's red VW Beetle. But of course!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

A birthday shout-out to my guy

I took this photo of Ralph (the birthday boy) at an art exhibit yesterday. We went to visit blog friend Linda who had a photo in the exhibit. We had a great time and you can read about it here.
I was trying to be 'artsy,' since he was in a gallery, so I gave this photo a sepia tone.

Happy Birthday Ralphie!

In the eye of the beholder

Art, that is.
Ralph and I went to an exhibit yesterday, CT+5 (which stood for Connecticut plus the other five New England states) to see blog friend and photographer extraordinaire Linda and her first entry into a gallery showing. The show was sponsored by the West Hartford Art League.
Her photograph below of the Brooklyn Bridge, Linear Moment, was selected to be in this juried show. Go Linda!

I tried to get the reflection on the glass out of my photo. I hope you can get a good look at it! It's a stunning shot.

Here's Linda looking at the photo hanging in the exhibit. I think her photo should have gotten more recognition ~ it was more interesting than some of the winning pieces.

We had a great time getting together with Linda, and meeting her talented artist daughter, Amanda, who is about to graduate from Norwich Free Academy. The commencement is on her 18th birthday, no less!

We stopped for a late lunch after the art gallery reception, and raised our glasses to Amanda, who is preparing to head to Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass. in August.
Linda should be a very proud mom!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend miscellany

Yesterday afternoon was nice and sunny so we drove around a bit and took some photos. Ralph will be posting his soon.

On the way home we stopped at Target and bought a vacuum cleaner. Can anyone tell me how to use one?

This morning we are off to church, and then to visit a blog friend somewhere in Connecticut. More about that later.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. It's raining here but I'm just going to ignore it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

I stepped out in the front yard today and found these shadows. And I didn't think I would have anything to post for this fun (and addictive!) meme.
Hop on over to visit Tracy at Hey Harriet to see many more shadowy pix.

Mugs and stuff

Sometimes I try to give Ralph a coffee mug with a picture or design on it that goes along with the theme of the day ~ and today was was one of those times.
I set the breakfast table and gave him an angel mug because this morning we are going to help out in our church's Angel Food Ministries monthly distribution.
We like ordering the food, it's a great price for the amount of stuff you get to fill the freezer and the pantry. I'd say it's less than half as much as it would cost if you bought the same items in the supermarket.

On Monday morning I will give him a "Happy Birthday" mug. Can you guess why?


I hope everyone has a great Saturday. It's sunny here in CT today but unfortunately there are April showers in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday. Boo hiss

Friday, April 23, 2010

'She's got Bette Davis eyes'

Regular readers from this past week will know exactly where I took this photo.
Yes, the hairdresser's shop.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yard Art

For the past several days I've posted photos from inside and outside my hairdresser's shop and today is no exception. Today's is X-rated.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good-looking visitor

I saw this male cardinal outside the window yesterday and ran for the camera. I call it a lucky capture.

Sepia scenes

For yet another post I am using photos I took when I visited my hairdresser Saturday. See here, here, and here for past posts! They are all scintillating, trust me. ;-)

Maureen has an interesting shop. There is plenty of fun stuff to look at and enjoy.

Cool old wall clock that I thought would look good in sepia. Notice James Dean on the wall in the background.

I think this is hydrangea that has seen better days. It was almost a light sepia in its natural state.

I hope my mom doesn't mind that I used this photo of her browsing around eclectic ville. She liked the antique dolls as much as I did. We both got our hair cut Saturday.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

~ This and That ~

Today I offer a continuation of posts from Saturday and Sunday featuring photos taken at my hairdresser's shop, which I have dubbed "eclectic ville."

Quite a varied collection...
Interesting, eh?

Can't leave out the Disney section.

Not sure what the little guy below is supposed to be. A bird? A fish?

Red tulips about to open up.

The End, for now.

You can see many more photos featuring red or shades thereof at Mary T's Work of the Poet.

P.S. The one and only Airhead-55 is not participating this week. I know he will be missed.

Monday afternoon

...and I'm trying to have a better day than I did yesterday. Click here to see the reason why yesterday wasn't so hot.
The day improved, though. Ralph and I went shopping and got some "stuff," including small mats for his new mini-van. He saw some bigger ones he now wants to go back and purchase. If I were nice I'd go there and get them for him later. ha ha

Ralph has a meeting after work and won't be home for dinner. I hate when that happens.
But I've got Linus the kitty here to keep me company. And to keep me on my toes.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead! My calendar tells me I am going to be busy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yucky morning

Did you ever get a "traveling too fast" ticket? I just did. On my way to church this morning. A mile from our house, going downhill, when one naturally gathers a bit of speed, doesn't one?

What happened was, I was taking too long to get out the door and I told Ralph to go without me.
We had had a lovely, quiet morning too: I made pancakes, we both had a chance to do some blogging...and then reality struck. Never happened to me before.
I guess there is a first time for everything. :-(

The police officer told me all of the towns in the state are doing this during the month of April. Errgghh. He warned me to drive slowly. (something I do 98 percent of the time)

I have more to say, but I'll leave it at that.

Lucky stray cats get fed daily

Today I thought I'd continue the same theme as yesterday's post, featuring photos from my trip to "the hair salon from eclectic ville."

I wanted to show you some of the 14 outdoor cats that my hairdresser Maureen feeds every day. She said she and a friend have made sure they are all fixed. She doesn't need any more mouths to feed ~ she has two cats of her own at home.

I think this one is the greeter. I guess he (or she?) was afraid of me and thought the chair would be a safe spot to hide.

Who's that coming in the driveway?

Stay out of the garden. It's mine.
(I took this picture through a window from a distance.)

Are you lookin' at me?

I'm glad this guy was able to find a comfy spot on my car. He must have needed a nap.

Stay tuned for more pix ... I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

I have some shots to share that I admit are not the most shadowy I've ever posted. But I visited my hairdresser today who has an eclectic variety of collectibles on display at her shop. I had my camera with me, and was thrilled to get a bunch of photos for Shadow Shot Sunday as well as for Ruby Tuesday and Sepia Scenes. Woo hoo!

In the first photo, Ralph said he recognized the sign behind the doll as an advertisement for Pilsner Urquel, a beer from the Czech Republic that he called "very good but pricey." There is a bit of a shadow on the doll's smiling face.

In the second photo, these verrrrry old dolls have some shadows behind them. I just had to photograph them.
Remember cigar store Indians? I don't, but I've seen them in pictures and probably old movies. This guy greets customers.
Well, that's all for adventure for today, in photos.

You will see lots of shadow shots if you visit our meme hostess, Tracy, at Hey Harriet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Been running late doing photo memes this week.
And so why should Looking at the Sky be any different?
This photo was taken in August four years ago, the last summer we were able to go to Cape Cod for a vacation. Staycations are cool though, right?

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yard Art ~ meet George

True story. I didn't have a yard art photo to post this week, so I went out yesterday and splurged.
I spent $3 and gave George here a home! I like that he has a bluebird for a friend, so he won't get lonely out there with the perennials.
Go see more yard decor at Mary T's Work of the Poet.

Spoiled kitty?

Ever since his little brother Rigby died March 6, we have been showering our loopy Linus with scads of attention. Naturally he loves it, and increasingly he demands it.
Well sometimes he does.

Are we being bad kitty parents? Or is it OK to spoil Linus because he is and always will be a baby? They don't grow up like the human ones do, I've discovered. ;-)

Linus (seen here on the right) has taken to putting his favorite soft catnip toys in or next to his food bowls for safe keeping. I think it's adorable that he does that. I guess he figures he knows where to find them if he needs them.

When I clean up the area I'll take a photo and show you. ha ha

Have a great Thursday all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sepia scenes ~ Springtime

Here are some primroses I planted several years ago. I love perennials. No muss no fuss!
Below is what they really look like ~ I took this photo in the bright sun at noontime today.

Happy Spring to all!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Running late this week, but I wanted to be a part of Ruby Tuesday so this morning I snapped a quick photo of this lovely weeping cherry tree (I think) at the entrance to Osbornedale State Park in Derby, Ct.
The sun wasn't out and the sky was that glare-y shade of white.
Below is a photo of Main Street in downtown Derby. Notice the red mulch and red traffic lights! The sky had some blue in it an hour or so later.

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