Monday, June 17, 2013

Ruby Tuesday ~ vehicles, history and poetry

Red barn, red pickup

Our Father's Day tradition continued this year with a slight twist.

We attended the annual vintage vehicle show at the Shelton History Center.
The twist was that our daughter, Allegra, was there in 1913 costume, volunteering as a docent for the first time.
She gave three tours of the Marks-Brownson House on the history center grounds. And she enjoyed it!

There's a tiny spot of red in this photo!

This photo is from the 10th annual Poetry Cafe I attended recently at Ansonia (Ct.) Middle School. Here Bob DeSautels, a retired reading teacher who is now working as a substitute, recites "To Morrow," a folk song made popular by the Kingston Trio in 1960.

Reading teacher Yvette Bailey did a great job transforming her classroom into a "beatnik-era" cafe.

It was a fun event, for the seventh and eighth graders who participated (it was optional) and the audience members (like me).

As you can see I get to cover fun programs for my job!

I haven't played Ruby Tuesday in a long time. I'm happy to return.  
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