Sunday, November 23, 2008

A post for our son, who is away at college on his birthday

...which means a slightly belated celebration this week for his 18th birthday.Cameron was born 12 days late but healthy on the day after Thanksgiving in 1990, all 9 lbs., 1 oz. of him.
And for that Ralph and I have always been thankful.

Happy Birthday to Cam,

Happy Birthday to Cam,

You're 18 years old now,

Happy Birthday to You!

The other day I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. He said any kind, as long as chocolate is involved.
That's my boy!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh to celebrate the moments of our lives and they usually involve our kids. Happy B day.

Dianne said...

Happy Birthday Cam!!

18 is such a cool age :)

Helen Bennett Harvey said...

happy birthday cam - wow 12 days late - poor mom

Odat said...

Hope it's filled with chocolate cake!!!
Happy Birthday to Cameron!!!

Linda said...

A belated happy birthday to your beloved son and may he have a year filled with happiness and wonderful memories!