Thursday, November 6, 2008

An overdue meme ~ I was tagged a while back

Joan, our friend The Erstwhile Librarian in southern California, tagged me last month. Or was it September?
Now I finally get around to completing this simple meme. Sorry Joan!

Four places I go over and over

* Big Y


* Target

* Crazy

Four people who e-mail me regularly

* my boss

* Duchess Linda

* Airhead-55


Four of my favorite places to eat

* Bertucci's

* Athenian Diner

* Olympic Diner

* Home (Does Chinese takeout count? We haven't been going out much lately)

Four places you'd rather be

* Cape Cod

* Paris

* Watching live theater

* At a concert

Four TV shows I could watch over and over

(not applicable, really. I watch news, The History Channel...what can I say?)


Linda said...

I tend to go to CVS, Big Y, and Crazy a lot myself however, I rarely get to Target!

See? This meme was nice and easy and the award/meme I just gave you will be also! Plus, it gives you something to write when you've got nothing in reserve (like me when I finally did that one!).

Patti said...

We shop at the same fine establishments! Amazing.

The Curmudgeon said...

And just what's the matter with the History Channel? (Aside from the fact that they need to get more new programs about history and less reality shows about truck driving or logging....)

Patti said...

Curmy: Nothing is the matter with the History Channel! Are you in a bad mood today? I was saying I don't watch any shows, like sitcoms and dramas and such. I like the History Channel.