Monday, November 10, 2008

Creative Photo #15 - Week 2

Last week I said my entry in Roger's Creative Photography contest might not be creative, but it was a capture.
Well, Sunday morning I captured the cats sunning themselves behind a window blind, so I can repeat myself here as I post this series... I know the photos are not creative, but I just think our cats are so adorable when they do stuff like this.

Is it me or does it seem that Rigby and Linus have all the fun around here? What a life.

So there you have it. My entry into Roger's contest this week.
To participate and to view some really fun and creative photos, visit him at Idaho Photo. Click on the Creative Photo tab and enjoy!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

now that's the life!

smiles, bee

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I wanna have that kind of life! LOL

Linda said...

Look! The kitties have been blind-sided! Sorry ...couldn't help myself!

My next life I'm coming back as a cat and making sure I get to live in a home like yours where I can just lounge in the sun and star in pictures from to time. Never mind a dog's life, I want a cat's life!

Patti said...

Bee and Bond: I want that life too! I would like to spend a day doing what they do, just follow them around. Eat, sleep, play, nap....

Linda: I like your joke; don't apologize! May your wish to come back as a cat come true.

RW said...

That's very Creative Patti to capture great images like that! You have been a awesome CP participant and a good friend it makes my day to see your photography!! :D