Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Humphrey's in Heaven

Our furry little guy died this afternoon on the kitchen floor. Now he is in a box.
And Kid Two dug a hole in our backyard, and he and I just had a burial.

I certainly am glad I wasn't alone in the house when it happened. My mother and both of my children were here too.
We adopted Humphrey when a friend who had eight cats asked us to take him. Humphrey had strayed into his yard and our friend thought he needed another home. We said OK. That was 1999.
At the time the vet said Humphrey looked to be about 14 months old. So he was about nine years old today, when he died and went to cat heaven.

I don't know if I want to go into all the details here. I immediately called the vet when I sensed by the way Humphrey was acting that he was dying. It all happened quite fast.
This is my first cat, so I never saw this before.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh no, my deepest sympathies to you honey. it is very hard i know. in the kitty blogs they say he went over the rainbow bridge. so so sorry...

hugs, bee

the moose buyer said...

Losing a pet is truly one of the mose difficult things to go through. They are so loyal and ask so little of us except for food and love.

If he was abandoned when you got him, everything you did for him must have been truly appreciated.

Patti said...

Bee: thanks for the hugs ~
I like that concept...the rainbow bridge.
Ralph blogged about him, too, before he left work.

Moosie: I believe he appreciated us, we all showered him with affection.

Joan said...

You, Ralph, the kids and your mom have my deepest sympathies. I'm sure Humphrey is in kitty heaven bragging about what a wonderful family took him in, sheltered him, feed him and made him feel loved. He was one very lucky cat.

Lynn said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when DH and I lost his 21 year old cat 'Chelsea' one Halloween...she died in my DH's was a sad, sad day in our house. My thoughts are with you all.

sari said...

I'm sorry.