Friday, June 8, 2007

Eating alone

Several years ago I read something by humor columnist/author Dave Barry that stuck with me, in a manner of speaking.
And since I'm working at home now it really, well, hits home. (ouch)
He said one of the perks of working at home is that you get to eat "20 lunches" if you want to and nobody knows.
'Nuf said.


Lynn said...

With all the planting going on in your back should be no problem to eat 20 'healthy' lunches. (lol)

Joan said... one will know until they see your ever expanding waist. I telecommuted for a short while several years ago and most of my "commuting" was done between my desk and the refrigerator!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

never thought about that! ha ha... only mine would be the ever expanding waist and butt both!

smiles, bee

Michael C said...

So true, so true ;-)

Patti said...

L,J,B and M: LOL ~ a food theme always draws comments from my friends.

the moose buyer said...

now that you have squealed on how many times you can eat without anyone knowing, we can guess what you have on your mind.

If you have the need to eat 20 times a day, celery is a good choice.

Patti said...

Moose - thanks for the tip. Now I'm off to get the peanut butter and jelly for my daily fix


sari said...

Or work in your pj's all day, ha ha.

Patti said...

Sari - you mention PJ's a lot I've noticed. ;-)
PJ's are good, don't get me wrong.