Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Money is just a tool." - Ralph V.

For you regular re-re-re-readers, today is the day we re-re-re-finance. Ralph
wrote about the situation yesterday.
Since he is currently unemployed, he had the time to be quite persistent this week with those darn finance companies, knowing full well they would want to get it done before the end of the month, which is today.

Hip, hip, hooray. In our house we get to stay!
Maybe our luck is turning around.


Joan said...

I am so glad to read that your re-financing finally is going through. Good for Ralph for staying on top of things and thank goodness it's the end of the month!

the moose buyer said...

keep having faith. Everything will work out and Ralph may just find the best job ever!!!

Lynn said...

Yipee! I am so happy to hear that Ralph's persistence paid off.

Patti said...

J, MB and L: Thanks for your kind words.
We are so relieved.