Friday, June 1, 2007

Another update: Boys can read it too

Yesterday my friend Terry dropped off two black evening purses for me to consider. My sandals are black and so there is a matching thing going on.
I looked inside one of them and saw some "green."
I said to myself, "she must have left a dollar in here." I pulled it out and it was a folded up, crisp $100 bill.
Inside it was another folded up, crisp $100 bill.
So naturally that is the purse I chose! The one containing 200 bucks.

When I finally reached Terry "Money Bags" on the phone last night, she was stunned. She had no idea she had (and misplaced) that cash. She said after dropping the purses off she had to go to the bank to get money she was short to pay a big bill, and this would have covered the difference.
She said 'Bless You' and 'Thank You' about 500 times during the phone call. As if I wouldn't have told her. This is honest Patti speaking.

So this morning I will put them in an envelope and bring them over to her at school. It's going to look like a drug transaction if anyone is watching us!


Joan said...

I never had any doubt that you're one honest blogger and a good friend. Terry is a lucky lady. Just be careful when you do that money exchange...wouldnt want to see your face on the evening news. Oh wait, that would show you from the neck up. :~)

Sarah Caron said...

Remember to dart your eyes around and be really fidgety while handing over the unmarked envelope - that will really complete the whole picture ;)

You are such a wonderful, honest person. Not enough people like you out there.

Rick said...

Good for you. I blogged about something like this in a piece titled "The Path of Least Resistance". It is my contention that we all follow the path of least resistance and, for those of us who are honest, that path is a good one.

Lynn said...

If I send you my purses, could you please look through them too...just in case?

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

will be dropping off purses later today, get the envelopes ready!

smiles, bee

sari said...

I have a friend who owns a record/dvd store and he's the father of Eight's best friend.

Whenever I buy something from him, he'll bring it to school for me instead of having me come in the store so it's kind of the same sort of thing.

My tip: Just don't look at each other, and hand it off underhand. It always freaks everyone out.

Just kidding. I don't try to freak everyone out, but it *would* be funny. :-)

the moose buyer said...

omdoesn't it feel great to not only be honest to to have it turn up at just the right time?

I guarantee your honesty will be rewarded just when you least expect it. It always seems to turn out that way.

the moose buyer said...
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