Friday, June 22, 2007

Empty wallet = anxiety

Earlier today I told my mental health professional about my desk chair entry and how I was joking about taking up a collection, and he said it could be the most important post I've done to date.

He said it demonstrates how the current financial problems I'm facing and not really doing anything about are eating away at me.
He doesn't really think I'll ever update my resume and do something about finding different work.

UPDATE: Since I wrote a draft of the above at about 11 this morning, we hit yet another bump in the road. Ralph was laid off today, along with several other people at the company.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh noooo. that is terrible news. i will send you all the good wishes and hugs i can for what that is worth. good luck honey. i know something will work out. i know it!

smiles, and hugs, bee

Lynn said...

Being laid off sucks...unless you know that you have another job lined up. I will send 'wealth abundant' thoughts your the way, is your Mental Health Professional at least reducing his/her fees at least? If not, it doesn't hurt to ask if that would be possible.

Patti said...

Bee and Lynn: I appreciate the wishes and hugs...

Lynn: Yes, I have been seeing the MHP less frequently and at a very reduced fee.
But I can't say enough good stuff about his loyalty to and concern for me and my family.

Sarah Caron said...

Oh Patti, that truly does suck. I am so sorry to hear that!

Patti said...

Sarah: Ralph went on Monster this a.m. and sent out some resumes

On Monday the search begins in earnest. And he's not the only one who needs a job, if you get my drift.