Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wedding (attire) blues

I have nothing to wear. Ladies, I know you hear me on this. Guys, not so much.
We are going to what will probably be a semi-formal evening wedding reception (ceremony is at 4:30) on Friday.
I have nothing to wear.
But a teacher friend of mine who I haven't seen in months just dropped off a sparkly top, sparkly long jacket and a pair of chiffony black pants (that look like a skirt) for me to try on.
There's a good chance all three pieces will fit. They seem rather sophisticated for little ol' me. But I am tempted to wear them. Too bad she doesn't take a size 10 shoe...
I hate clothes shopping. But I am starting to panic.

More later.


Lynn said...

Sounds like a perfect outfit to me. I have, what I think will be a late Saturday afternoon wedding up in the wine country, in August. You just reminded me that I better start searching for something to! Hey, do you think maybe your teacher friend will lend me the outfit too?

the moose buyer said...

try it. You will probably look wonderful. I can identify with not having anything to wear.

I had bariatric surgery Feb 2006 and not only have I lost 135 but no matter what I bought within a month or two it was too big and one of the local Churches was the beneficiary. Fortunately one of my Moose sisters found at the rummage sale in her Church in March a couple of dressy outfits for $2.50 each. They fit me right now as though they were made for me.

I know I have to lose more weight but I really don't want to give up these long dresses.

Patti said...

Lynn: she would love to! but what size?

M.B.: I guess you can identify with the dilemma. You lost a lot of weight. You must feel like a new person these days.

Michael C said...

I wanted to wear shorts to by brothers' wedding, but we all ended up in cowboy hats and boots. It was a lot better than a tux! Too bad that can't be an option for you ;-)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

we have a grandson getting married in two weeks and i had nothing to wear either. and all i could find looks to me like an easter dress but oh well. robin's egg blue suit with a white top. boring....

smiles, bee

Joan said...

This is a blog I can definitely relate to. A few years ago, our friends' #2 daughter was married. After searching for weeks, I finally came across a simple black long dress with jacket at Nordstroms. I can still remember it costing $160 which I thought was way too much but I was desperate. Since that time, I've worn it to many weddings including their #3 daughter and I will wear it again next year for their only son's wedding. It's become a tradition I dare not break. I only wish I had a friend who could lend me a fancy outfit...eventually that dress will need to be retired and then what?!?!!?!?

Patti said...

Michael: cowboy hats and boots! what a fun crowd. Can't imagine what the music was like.

Empress Bee: sounds like a nice outfit. I love robin's egg blue.

Joan: Isn't it amazing how us normal people become "desperate" before a big dress-up event?