Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Loss of sleep = :-(

You know things are starting to get to you when you wake up an hour before the alarm. Like today.
That hasn't happened to me in a while, but $$$ problems can do it to a person.
Just yesterday my mental health professional, who knows all about our situation, asked me if I have been sleeping OK.
I told him I have been, which was true. But then last night I didn't. And I'm tired. Woe is me.
Life is so unfair.

This auto save feature is blinking at me as I write. How annoying is that? It has a mind of its own, I guess.

Have a sparkling day.


Lynn said...

I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I hate when that happens! Are you able to take a nap?

Patti said...

I hope I can today.

Joan said...

I feel your sleepless pain...I was up at 5:00AM this morning. There was no reason...the eyes just burst open and my mind was off and running.

Do you think the question by your MH Professional yesterday somehow triggered this sudden early morning insomnia? I know $$$ problems can be frightening...hang in there.'re only allowed a 24 hour pity party. :~)

Patti said...

yes Joan, that's what I was thinking. His question triggered this.
You are good at reading between the lines.
Guess I have about 20 hours left for my pity party.

armalicious said...

Oh no! I went through a whole month of waking up hours before the alarm, too. And it was because of job problems. Not being able to sleep royally sucks and makes things feel even worse when it's already bad.

Hopefully you'll sleep better tonight.

armalicious said...

And I love the kitty pictures! He's (he, right?) so pretty!

Patti said...

thanks, arm, yes that is my Humphrey
(well a former male, if you get my drift)

Michael C said...

I hope things are OK. I haven't had a full night's sleep in months

Patti said...

I realize that, Michael. Isn't it the pits?
At least it gives us something to write about.
I must say I am awaiting the next episode of "Insomnia Man."