Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday morning java

Fellow coffee lovers: You know when that first cup in the morning is just right?
Well, that just happened to me (it doesn't always work this way) thanks to my freshly-brewed mug of organically grown, 100 percent Arabica.
Just a tad more costly (it was on sale) than the usual drek, but such a treat.
Happy Monday !


Joan said...

My Hubby insists we have French Roast in the morning...he loves the strong deep flavor. Since he drinks cups and cups during the day, he's switched to making half regular/half decaf and thankfully we've just come across a brand that includes Decaf French Roast. Now he'a a happy java drinker.

Patti said...

French Roast is strong, I'd say.
What I had was a "breakfast blend."

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

happy monday to you honey!

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

I love French Vanilla cream in mine. Think I'll make some now!

Thanks for the link. I have linked you as well.

Lynn said...

Just wondering if you've been back to Starbucks?

Patti said...

Empress Bee: When I heard about the cruise ship sinking today I thought of you. Then I heard it was "Empress of the North."

Mimi: thanks much for the link!

Lynn: no, but I'm sure Kid One would like another Strawberry Frappuccino!

Michael C said...

Yummy!! Much better than the tar I had this morning.

Patti said...

tar? eeeek!

Joan said...

As a fellow coffee lover, I've decided to bestow upon you the Thinking Blogger Award... congratulations! See my blog for details!

Patti said...

Thanks Joan! As I told you in your comments section, I'll need a bit of time.
I'm honored!!