Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Frowns :- ( and smiles : ~)

So which one should I start with?
Looks like the smiles have it, since this cartoon instantly attracts the eye. Just another twist on the toilet paper theme that has been floating around in the blogosphere after Sheryl C's "one sheet of TP" remarks last month...T
I didn't post anything last night. I was bummed out because we got some (here's the frowny part) bad financial news in the mail yesterday.
It's a long story that goes back many years, but I'll attempt to sum it up without putting any of my blog friends to sleep.
The quickest way to sum up the problem would be to just say HELP!!!!!!!
But that wouldn't be productive, or therapeutic. But telling some of our story may make me feel better.
My husband has a form of muscular dystrophy and is considered 100 percent disabled. He uses a power wheelchair, and drives a gas-guzzling, un-politically correct, modified full-size van.
It's the only way he can get around. In the past our efforts to get him transferred into the passenger seat of my small economy car when the van had to have some work done on it have not been easy. Or pretty.
That said, Ralph works full-time and does a good job at what he does (I really don't understand what he does, but it is in the aerospace industry).
He is active in our church, and is even a deacon and periodically shares distribution of communion duties.
Ralph has had periods of unemployment and periods of working temporary jobs, some really good, some not so much. He has had to go on Social Security Disability Insurance, but is not on it now. There are problems with SSDI that I won't mention here, but let's just say that they tell us we owe them some money. And yesterday we were informed that the government took our income tax refund to "apply" toward what we allegedly owe the SSA.
I was counting on that money to put toward bills that are piling up.
We are not happy about this, and are wondering if it's time to look for an attorney.
Any thoughts?


Joan said...

I am so sorry to hear about your predicament. I can never understand why the government seems to want to pick on the innocent "little guy" when there are so many corporations and big fish who seem to get away with all sorts of financial shenanigans. My only concern about hiring an attorney is the expense you might incur to fight this battle. Any lawyers in the family???

Patti said...

No, but I do know some thanks to my job. I can always ask.
Thanks ;-)

Lynn said...

It sounds like you are saying that the government wants to "punish" Homer for working? He is considered 100% disabled, yet dispite his disability he chooses to work and gets penalized for it. I am so sorry. This sure doesn't seem right or fair. Is there some sort of appeals process that you can follow without incurring the expense of an attorney? Or a legal clinic that offers free consultations/help?

Patti said...

free advice would be good

The Curmudgeon said...

Free advice is often worth what you pay for it.

Get a good social security attorney: There are specialists in this as there are in all things. I know who I'd call in Chicago -- and it's surely not me: I don't know anything about Social Security except I don't expect it to be there when I retire (if I ever do) but I don't have any specific recommendation for you.

A general suggestion: The two big sites for finding lawyers are (that's the West site -- West being the big legal publisher) and (Martindale-Hubbell being the premier legal directory). Shop a little -- I hope it works out for you.

Patti said...

Curm:I don't know how I missed your comment yesterday when you posted it.
Thanks much for the help!