Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday morning smile

OK, I am feeling a bit better now after a quick trip visiting s0me, but not all, of my blogosphere friends.
Enclosed find smile : -) to start the day. It's from Kid Two's away message, which somehow updates daily. Too technical for me.

A pilot once turned a plane in to the shop with a complaint that read "Unfamiliar noise from engine."
The next day, the plane was ready for him. The engineer's logbook entry read: "Ran engine continuously for four hours. Noise now familiar."


Joan said...

That's a hoot! Of course, everything related to planes and flying is giving me the creeps since it's less than a month until our trip to Ireland. Did I mention I'm mightily afraid of flying?!?!?!

Lynn said...

Thanks for the laugh. Now I can go off to work with a smile;~)

Patti said...

Joan: Yes, you did mention that! But think of how beautiful and heavenly it is up there. All those fluffy clouds...You can take lots of neat photos and post them on your blog.

Lynn: Keep smilin'

Michael C said...

That's a good one!