Friday, May 11, 2007

Time sure do fly ~ ~ ~

Our daughter, Kid 1, has finished freshman year of college. I cannot believe how fast the school year went. Yikes.
We are picking her up tomorrow (A, dear, if you are reading this, stop now and start packing up all that stuff!) and then she is home for more than three months.
I am happy she will be home just in time for Mother's Day. Maybe she and Kid 2 will remember mumsie this year with a loving token of affection.
Chocolate is always good... Just a thought.


Joan said...

So...what are Kid 1's plans for the summer or is she just thinking "sleep, sleep, sleep" at the moment. My fondest memories of college were the days leading up to summer vacation...aaahhhhhh.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

yeah, chocolate is VERY good...just sayin'!

smiles, bee

allegra said...

mmmm sleeeep :P

Lynn said...

Is kid 1 supposed to pack or purchase chocolate? Actually after reading her comment, I think that she is planning to take a long nap today...and let you pack for her when you see her tomorrow. I bet it will be so nice to have both kiddlets under one roof.

Patti said...

yes it will be!

Michael C said...

Sounds like it's setting up to be a great Mom's day for you!