Friday, May 25, 2007

Still termite-free

I thought the "witnesses" were knocking on the front door again this morning. But lucky for me that was not the case.
It was merely the friendly termite-control technician checking the traps around the exterior of our humble abode.
Good news! We passed with flying colors. ~


the moose buyer said...

I hate the little buggers. We in southern California have major problems with termites chomping on everyone's houses and humongus amounts of little ants. I think the entire State is on one huge anthill and when we don't have rain like this year (only 2" all year) they invade the houses looking for moisture.

Everyone thinks our problems are rattlers and cyotes but it's really termites and ants.

Patti said...

And I thought your problems were earthquakes and mudslides. Silly me. Never been to your neck of the woods.
Thanks for visiting.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh that is good news for sure! in florida we have several kinds of termites that they don't even have in the north. yuck!

smiles, bee

Joan said...

Every time I hear our house creak (which it does most nights), I'm always sure those little chompers have eaten through the rafters and the roof is sure to come down. Okay...I guess it's time to call out the exterminators to have a look-see.

Patti said...

we have a contract and someone arrives once a month when the ground isn't frozen to check out the poison-filled tubes placed around the house...
they are extremely reliable - the company employees, not the termites!