Thursday, May 24, 2007

* Getting ready to party *

Tomorrow I will be taking part in one of my least favorite things: a carnival.
Fortunately it is of the blogospheric variety.

Michael is the host of Carnival of the Mundane XXXVI, and he basically begged people to help him out and write about summer. In a mundane way.
He suggested writing about the beach. Another non-favorite of mine.
I think I'm not a very fun person.


Michael C said...

You're fun! Although being a beach fan might make you even more fun

Patti said...

can I leave all my clothes on?

Joan said...

Summer...mundane...arent those two words oxymoronic??? You're going to have to be one creative gal to make something so exciting sound so ordinary!!! And what do you mean you're not a fun person??? I beg to differ!!!

sari said...

Gosh I'd hate to see you doing something you really hated! ha ha

I'll have to go check out the fun. :-)

The Curmudgeon said...

Carnival of the Mundane, eh?

Have you seen the Blogger Boomer or Boomer Blogger ... uh, whatever it's called? Maybe if I remembered the name I could find that one too.

Patti said...

no, can't say that I have seen that one. sounds intriguing though

Lynn said...

There is nothing mundane about the beach...unless it's the beach in Iceland. Then it's just cold and frozen.