Wednesday, May 2, 2007

10 "interesting" things about moi

I've been tagged by Joan

to come up with ten (10!) interesting habits or facts about myself in a game of Chinese Freeze Tag.
Being the novice that I am I admit to a case of the jitters. But here goes:
1. I like to blog. It's therapeutic. And you can do it anytime, without having to get dressed or brush your teeth.
2. I like writing in general.
3. I wear a size 10 shoe (Joan told us her shoe size, so I thought I'd follow in her footsteps)
4. I'm 5'8".
5. I stopped wearing contact lenses when I needed a trifocal prescription.
6. I collect gnomes (regular visitors already know that important fact).
7. I love to see how much my children have accomplished in their lives.
8. I look forward to seeing how much more they will achieve.
9. I wish (as do all bloggers I'm sure) I could get a book deal after my blog is discovered by a literary agent looking for the next...
10. I hope my sense of humor shows through my writing, at least some of the time.
Like my blog friend and Joan's sister, Lynn,

I'm not going to tag anyone. I can't because I do not yet have enough blogosphere contacts to do that. I could only come up with three bloggers, other than Lynn, my husband, and Empress Bee, who all were tagged by Joan. So I guess that is it for now. ~


Joan said...

So now we know you blog in your pajamas...or is that a nightgown...or is that a birthday suit? Oooo...this might call for another meme with only one fascinating fact: "What I wear when I blog..."

Patti said...

sounds like fun :-)

Lynn said...

Do you at least brush your hair before you blog? I must be in the minority, as I am not looking for a book deal...I will leave the book deals to creative talented writers, such as yourself.

Patti said...

Lynn: you are too kind.
As for brushing hair, I usually do. But it's thick and takes a while.

I knew you were loyal before you put it in your list. ;-)

Michael C said...

9 is so is #10!!

Patti said...

thanks Michael...glad you can see a sense of humor in there

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

years ago i would not put out the trash without makeup. now? sigh... nightgown usually i'm afraid. now i do get dressed to go out, but when i am home, nightgown. sarge too! but don't tell him i told you! he loves his jammies, he surely does! ha ha ha...

smiles, bee

Patti said...

jammies are good!