Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks, merci, gracias ...

I put something out there yesterday and now I'm truly overwhelmed with the response.
I have a lot to write about but I avoid stuff that's serious. And in the past when I've tentatively ventured into that realm it seems like almost nobody commented...So I ditched the idea. But maybe I'll try again.

I appreciate all of your kind words, and I even received one from a "dangerous" Gemini and mother of three who lives in Miami.

Hmmm...I wonder how she found me? I'm not the dangerous type. ;-)

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Christy said...

Six degrees of blog separation. It's fun stumbling upon other blogs. =o)

Dayngr said...

Yes! I surfed over from Linda of Are We There Yet? fame. We are truly all connected here on the interweb (LOL).

Patti said...

Christy: It is fun!

Dayngr: I figured that out yesterday when I saw your name on Linda's blog roll. ;-)