Friday, February 8, 2008

Week that was: busy is the word, yes I'm a nerd

Paczkis, preschoolers, pets, pens, nutrition, heart disease, and more.
My week has been a diverse one, that is for sure.
Oh well, that almost rhymes.

I finally revisited a wonderful blog written by The Curmudgeon (sorry it took so long!) and wouldn't you know this Chicago-based lawyer and blog friend (I hope!) also had Paczkis on the brain this week.
Sad to say I had them in the stomach as well. I told myself I wouldn't, but I did. I'm bad.
What are Paczkis, you ask? Let's just say they are HUGE Polish doughnuts. See The Curmudgeon's Fat Tuesday post for further important info. A person could gain five pounds just by being near a box containing six of them (two were for co-workers).

On Fat Tuesday I wrote about a Paczki-eating contest, an event in which I competed (and finished poorly) last year.
The reigning champ, a professional eater, held onto his title, and beat his own record by downing a baker's dozen of the doughy delights in five minutes.
Preschoolers: I wrote about a grant to aid those involved in early childhood education in our four-town region.
Pets: Did a story about a new pet supply store that sells toys and supplies and natural and organic food. We adopted our felines, Linus and Rigby, from one of the owners of the store.
Pens: Covered a presentation by the president of BIC Corp., who addressed the local Chamber of Commerce at a breakfast this morning. (I didn't eat, just had coffee).

Et cetera, et cetera. Starting to bore myself now.

Thank goodness it's Friday!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

busy busy girl!!!

smiles, bee

the moose buyer said...

I just luuuv Fridays too!!!

Linda said...

Believe it or not, I've never had a Paczki before even though I have walked past them many a time in the local Big Y! Maybe I'll actually get around to trying one sometime based on both yourself and The Curmudgeon's recommendations!

Also, thank you not only for putting the link on your sidebar for Jamie but for also putting in a good word for me over at MightyMom's blog. I can understand why people are suspicious these days but to be referred to as a potential "bloodsucking lowlife" was a bit much! I felt so even worse for Mags as the woman simply has a heart of gold and for anyone to think ill of her is really pretty upsetting.

Thanks again for your support on many levels!

Casdok said...

Ive gained 5 pounds just reading about them!!

Joan said...

Oh yummy yummy. come you didn't compete this year in the Paczki-eating contest? Now that would have been a photo to post on your blog!

And it sounds like a reporter's life is never ever dull.

Mr. Wordsmith said...

Your writing continues to enlighten. Thank you for your contribution to the Witty Wordsmith Dictionary. Please feel free to visit and see your addition.

Lynn said...

Wow. I'm fat and tired just from reading all that you did this week. Is there anything equally interesting in store for next week?