Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Queen and her Ladies-in-Waiting

Date: March 27, 2008

Time: Running late (It's my fate)

Place: An Italian restaurant (well, actually the restaurant isn't Italian; the food served there is Italian-American style cuisine)

Reason: The Queen of the Blogosphere (Mimi) was visiting Connecticut (gracing The Nutmeg State with her royal presence)

Like Linda, I had also received a royal summons, nearly a command, to travel many miles to dine with Blog Royalty. Since I am not nearly as well known in blogospheric circles as Mimi and Linda, I decided to keep my invitation under wraps. Although I must say I had some fun dropping hints about it.

One should never turn down an invitation from a Queen, especially this one.
So I gassed up the carriage and took a drive. I got to the restaurant and introduced myself to Her Highness, who had just minutes earlier met our friend Linda for the first time.

Linda and I soon became Ladies-in-Waiting.
We carried the Queen's purse. We gave her newly-charged batteries for her royal camera. We even let her have her own side of the restaurant booth to herself.

(Truth be told, the thought of sitting NEXT to a Queen struck fear in my heart. So I gracefully seated myself next to the much less intimidating Linda, who has been given the title of Linda, Duchess of Norwich-upon-the-Thames. Yes, Connecticut has a Thames River just like London does.)
We had a delightful dinner, free of alcoholic beverages, but filled with caffeine, pasta, and lots of laughter.

Sadly, however, other local blue bloods I know and love were not so fortunate.

Behold the following conversation overheard among two of my close friends who were visiting me just yesterday:

Prince: Cindy, I've heard that our Queen, the lovely Mimi, is visiting Connecticut and staying in an undisclosed location. She has even dined in public, crown-less. But I have not received a royal summons to spend time with her.
Havest thou?

Cinderella: Nope. I ain't got no invite to no dinner, lunch, breakfast or brunch. Not even to Happy Hour.

Prince: I feareth we no longer rateth.

Cinderella: You may be correcteth.

Prince: How caneth we get our revenge?

Cinderella: Hmmm ... I know! We can bloggeth about it. That would enrage the Queen.

Prince: I believe you are correcteth. That would be a royal mess, and one I would like to help maketh.

Cinderella: Next time I am going to make a public appearance, I ain't gonna call the Queen to ask her to join me. She can go pound sand.

Prince: Cindy, you are not only beautiful, but smart. Borderline brilliant, I dare sayeth.
That is why I lovest thou.

And so, the Prince and his lady love, Cindy, decided to forget about the Queen and her snobbish ways. They were slighted by her but they knew in their hearts they could get over it. They left Connecticut and moved to a less expensive state, where they lived happily ever after.

* * *

Here's Linda --->
snapping a photo of moi.

And here I am, warming up to the Queen:

(As for the three of us, we returned to our respective homes and computers, full of memories of a jolly good time.)

Jolly good.

~ ~ ~

UPDATE: Please read Linda's and Mimi's accounts of this special evening. They are great fun. And Mimi even got the videos to work.


Linda said...

Verily, Princess Patricia, I must say that this is royally done and a post fit for a Queen!

As for Cindy and Prince Ken-doll ... they can take a big get-over-it pill and step away. Obviously we are the only true royalty that counts!

Looking forward to our next get-together when I shall finally get to meet Prince Ralph, right??

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

drateth! i didn't get no invite neither! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

"She can go pound sand."

I nearly fell off my royal chair laughing. Ohhh....this is priceless Dear Princess Patti .
The doll conversation is brilliant!

But what else would I expect from a writer such as yourself? And I will testify in court that we did not have alcoholic beverages, but we sure did giggle up a blue streak. Oh what fun it was!

Thanks for a great review and a most pleasant evening.

Mimi Queen of Memes
and Stealer of Plastic Flowers

Casdok said...

I love a happy ever after ending!

Odat said...

What a great post!

Barbara said...

Hello Patricia,

I loved your post :)
It was so lovely that you could have a "private audiance" with her Majesty.
Tell the royal couple not to despair... the Queen WILL return !

Have a nice day.

Christy said...

My new favorite word: correcteth

The Curmudgeon said...

It seems like a splendid occasion... but the more I think about it, the more I worry.

I mean... when it works... Enchanted... Who Framed Roger Rabbit... it's great... but, if it didn't work... oh, I don't know, the Robert De Niro version of Rocky and Bullwinkle comes, reluctantly, to mind... isn't it like mixing matter and anti-matter... total annihilation?

(Some sort of smiley emoticon should be imagined here....)