Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Purr... =^ . . ^=

I was awakened this morning by what sounded like a tractor - but we don't live in the country.
No, it was Rigby, the less scaredy of the two kitties.
He was trying desperately to get my attention to let me know it was time for breakfast. He was cuddled up against my backside, purring as loudly as he could possibly purr.

This was a good thing. Cute and obnoxious at the same time and another example of our kitty cats loosening up and feeling at home (finally).

<----- This is Rigby, in the front window. Linus is behind him. They do get along well.

This is Linus, who apparently likes to stand in the middle of this plant. To each his own.

And here's one of the best photos I've been able to capture of Linus. He looks so majestic, trying so hard to hide his timid nature!

As you can see, I'm still veering away from the serious in my posts, and veering instead toward the silly.
And our cats are a perfect subject for that.


Odat said...

Silly is good!!! I wrote about silly today lol. Great shots of great looking cats!

Casdok said...

Great photos and good avoidance tactics!!
Sometimes when i have wanted to say something really serious or personal, i write the post and just file it away somewhere, but i do feel better for writing it.

Lynn said...

At least you know that you are avoiding...and woman enough to admit it. If/when the time is ever right for you, I am sure that you will share. If not...at least there are cute photos of your kitties to look at:~)

btw...did you decide to give up writing about cheese?

Michele said...

Patti, these are wonderful photos... I wish my cat would purr... I mean he does but it's so quiet and I can barely here it, probably smothered by all the fat.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
But I really hope that you are ok, you do what you need to do.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

they are wonderful!!!

smiles, bee

Patti said...

Odat: yes, silly is good

Casdok: thanks, and that's a good idea, to get it out

Lynn: no, I plan to get back to it. I think you were about my only reader

Michele: glad you like the pix - I've been keeping the camera handy

Bee: thanks!

Christy said...

Awwwww I so badly want a kitty. But Mya would freak. She is afraid of her own doggie shadow.

the moose buyer said...

Well both cats look like they have settled in comfortably and are taking over your house.