Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday morning at our house

Ralph is enjoying his new mini-van. It's a major improvement over the full-sized Ford Club Wagon that drove like a truck that he had for 12 years. It was roomy, but not that comfortable or fun to drive.
I finally took a picture of him in his vehicle this morning as he was getting ready to leave for work. I didn't even notice that I caught my reflection as I was taking the picture.

Hope everyone has a great Friday. Spring is on the way!


Barb said...

I'll bet it smells good. Not like that car freshener New Car stuff. But that car freshener is lots cheaper! hahahaha!

Patti said...

Yes, it's just gently used. ;-)

Linda said...

I see you!

That's quite the new steed that Prince Ralph has there and he looks quite dapper in it! I'm sure you'll really enjoy the lower gas bills, too!

happily retired gal said...

Kewl ;-)
I can see BOTH of you in this photo!
Hugs and blessings,