Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lucky stray cats get fed daily

Today I thought I'd continue the same theme as yesterday's post, featuring photos from my trip to "the hair salon from eclectic ville."

I wanted to show you some of the 14 outdoor cats that my hairdresser Maureen feeds every day. She said she and a friend have made sure they are all fixed. She doesn't need any more mouths to feed ~ she has two cats of her own at home.

I think this one is the greeter. I guess he (or she?) was afraid of me and thought the chair would be a safe spot to hide.

Who's that coming in the driveway?

Stay out of the garden. It's mine.
(I took this picture through a window from a distance.)

Are you lookin' at me?

I'm glad this guy was able to find a comfy spot on my car. He must have needed a nap.

Stay tuned for more pix ... I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

We have a bunch of feral cats here at the Swamp. My neighbor feeds them from a big old deer feeder that's set up in my yard by the edge of the Swamp - out of the eyesight of my cats! One of these days I'll find someone who will help get them neutered. Our local shelter is not a No Kill so I can't call them.

I absolutely LOVE that first shot with the chair and upside down trash can! It reminds me of the old country store my Ex's grandmother had up at the lake in New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

Um... that was Momma!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i am so happy they are fixed. feral cats lead such a hard life. these little guys are mighty lucky someone feeds them... nice post!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

14??? Holy smokes, Bullwinkle! They must have all told their friends that was the place to go!

Anonymous said...

beautiful cat.

Carletta said...

OMG - I live on five acres and have ONE cat! :)
It's nice she is taking care of them and having them fixed.

I so want the chair!