Saturday, September 26, 2009

This was a tough one

Last week I did a story about four kitties that had been put in a box and thrown out of a moving vehicle. Fortunately for the felines the driver behind that vehicle stopped to see what was in the box, and it was a mama cat and three kittens.
I wrote about their plight and this was the follow-up that ran yesterday:

3 of 4 rescued cats on the mend

SEYMOUR — The physical conditions of three of the four abandoned cats being cared for at the Ansonia Animal Hospital are improving, but the fourth died Monday, Dr. Tara C. Nanavati said this week.

The cat that died had a distended eye that would have had to be surgically removed. Nanavati said the kitten may have died of feline leukemia.

The cats were thrown from a car along Route 8 last week. They were found in a box, and a good Samaritan took them to Ansonia Animal Control Officer Jean Roslonowski.

The surviving cats are in Roslonowski’s custody. They are being boarded at Nanavati’s veterinary office at 876 S. Main St. They had been neglected, and one kitten has no eyes.

“We’ve had a big response,” Roslonowski said Wednesday. “Everybody wants to adopt the blind kitten.”

Roslonowski said she was grateful for all the donations that have come in since the cats’ tale was publicized. She reminded people that they need references before the cats can be placed with them.

Meanwhile, Nanavati said the cats no longer have fleas, and they have been dewormed and vaccinated. He said the blind kitten eventually will need surgery on its eye sockets when it gets stronger, to prevent further problems. The mother cat and the third kitten are fine, Nanavati has said.

He theorizes the two kittens with eye problems must have contracted an upper respiratory infection.

Nanavati said the kittens probably scratched their itchy eyes so much that they got infected and eventually all of the eye fluid drained and the lenses fell out, leaving only muscle.

“They had so many infections after being strays,” Nanavati said.

For information about helping the cats, call 735-9915.


I'll never understand how anyone could throw defenseless animals out of a car like that.

At least they will be going to good homes, and hopefully lead happy lives.


Linda said...

I am, admittedly, not a cat person but I still cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone could do such a thing to any animal - cat, dog, rabbit ... whatever. It's cruel, it's heartless, and I wish the Good Samaritan had gotten the fiend's license plate so we could march on his/her house and throw him/her out of a moving vehicle to see how he/she likes it!

So very, very sad but I am so happy to see that people have been rallying around and supportive of the injured kittens. It's always heartwarming to see something good come out of such tragedy but it would have been so much better to never have the tragedy to begin with.

Patti, we live in a cold, cold world sometimes. Thank you for reporting on the warmer side of it.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh my goodness. how horrible this happened!!! i am speechless. really.

hugs, bee

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Some people have no souls....

TorAa said...

We are Cat people, and often react when people shows their lack of knowledge regarding fellines.

To day I heard a radio-program about Cats and Birds.

It was very thoughtful, so I did write a post: