Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast for Libby, our neighbor's cat

Ralph's boyhood friend Michael came to visit us Tuesday and brought with him tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, strawberries and more, and planted them all for us. He's a great guy, that's for sure.
As you can see, he also planted catnip. Our neighbor cat, Libby, had a nice breakfast this morning. I hope she doesn't tell any other felines about her find.
That catnip is for our kitties!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

libby gets lucky!

smiles, bee

RA said...

Libby found a great treasure, LOL! Have a wonderful weekend, Patti :)

Linda said...

Ut-oh, let's hope Libby keeps the lid on this one (maybe she won't want to share with the neighborhood!)?

Amrita said...

all the kitties are very cute

Michele said...

My kitty loves catnip as well, with a passion!!! But only dried, will not take it fresh. Just snubs it... LOL....
What great photos you have here!! Adorable!