Friday, July 25, 2008

^ Steeplechase ^^^ ^ ^

I have been busy with work this week, and haven't posted since Ruby Tuesday. Eek. It just doesn't feel right to skip a few days.

Yesterday when I was driving to pick up daughter at her job, I passed by a recently painted church --->

It's an African Methodist Episcopal church, and it looks much better than I ever remember it looking, since it used to be a rather unattractive mustard-yellow color.

And so I was inspired to start taking photos of churches, especially steeples, in our fair city.

This is Part One of Steeplechase, as Ralph dubbed it.

I am wondering what kind of bushes these are in front of the church. Rose of Sharon is my guess...

The next one I passed on my route was this Baptist Church. I snapped the picture from the driver's seat, waiting for a red light.

It was overcast yesterday afternoon, which sometimes has its advantages when taking photographs.

This is a Ukrainian Catholic church, just down the block from where Allegra works.

And just a block further down, on the same side of the street, is this Russian Orthodox church.

Across from the public library is this "castle" of sorts. It's an Episcopal church.

And here we see its next-door neighbor, a Congregational church. -->

This shot is rather dark, but that was the lighting I had to work with yesterday afternoon, and I'm too lazy to go take another one. ;-)

These are but a few of the churches in our city that I plan to photograph in the coming days. I hope you liked the tour...

If not, well, I tried.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

steeplechase! ha ha ha, perfect. and they are so interesting to look at too. i love the little bitty white ones here in the mountains. in the south most of the baptist ones are HUGE, i mean huge!!! but i love the little bitty ones best.

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE your steeplechase! There are so many beautiful churches and steeples in New England that you could make an entire weekend vacation out of photographing some of them and never even be close to finding them all!

I may just have to "steal" this great idea of yours at some point! If you don't mind, of course!

Patti said...

Bee: I love the little ones, and the chapels too.

Linda: Of course you can "steal" this idea. Just don't muscle in on my home turf (haha)

Dianne said...

steeplechase is a great title!!

you got some great shots!

RW said...

Those are all very pretty Patti!

The Ukrainian Catholic church, looks like it was built like tank!

Barb said...

I love your Steeplechase, and I love this idea. Since I live in the buckle of the Bible belt, I have many, many to choose from!