Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blog much?

I for one haven't been doing any blogging for a couple of days, but I'm back.

Yesterday we got to see one of our two kids playing in the band at a University of Hartford men's basketball game, as well as her boyfriend, who I guess we could call Kid Three. Are these two still kids when they are 20? I suppose so.
Our son was busy working so he wasn't able to play in the pep band. Dang. But we're happy he has a job!It was a beautiful and clear day in Connecticut, for a change.

Here is Ralph driving us up the Wilbur Cross Parkway toward Hartford. I kept busy taking photos through the windshield...

I never said this was going to be exciting!

Below we are heading into downtown Hartford, near the state Capitol.

Our team lost to Boston University. But it was fun to be there, and since Ralph uses a wheelchair, he, my mother and I get to sit at a table on the floor, right behind the basket and in front of the pep band. It was a tad loud for us (there were some boisterous students behind us next to the band) but we all survived it.
Normally the pep band wears uniform red shirts (perfect for Ruby Tuesday!) but yesterday everyone was wearing this T-shirt.
And they gave them out as well.When we got home the cats were waiting in the window for us. We had left them for almost eight hours! But they were OK.


Catherine said...

Je me demandais pourquoi "kid three" ? En regardant les "labels", je comprends. Le petit ami est considéré comme un membre la famille. Sympathique !

Patti said...

Catherine: Merci pour me visiter. Nous avons eu un bon temps Samedi!

Carletta said...

Hi Patti,
I saw Ralph's post and came to see your take on the adventure. I'm always telling myself to stop taking photos through the windshield but I don't stop. These aren't bad by the way.
Cute 'kids'!

storyteller said...

It's good to get out like this and methinks real life should always take precedence over blogging. I'm so far behind I may never catch up ... but such is life.
Hugs and blessings,