Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not spooky v. spooky ~ Part 3

More photos to get into the Halloween spirit.

Not spooky. A Teddy bear wearing a wizard's costume.

Spooky. The moon through some branches.

Roger of Idaho Photo inspired me to take a picture of the moon.
Check out his photo of the full moon. It's awe-inspiring.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

the teddy bear might not be spooky but he sure is cute!

smiles, bee

Lynn said...

Like Bee said...that bear is sure cute! Love the moon shot...good thing you had your camera :)

RW said...

Thank you Patti for the shout!! I was so happy to get the shot I had a tripod and this is the real secret a remote control shutter, to keep from camera shake.

You Rock Patti!! :D

Linda said...

I am so jealous of Roger that I could scream but he probably has all the cool toys and I just have a Kodak EasyShare point and shoot! Wah!! Of course, it could be worse, I could have a disposable film camera!

Dianne said...

that's a great moon shot!

Roger's photo was amazing wasn't it!!