Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking at the Sky

On Wednesday I snapped these rather ominous-looking clouds from the driver's seat, through the passenger-side window. To me the cityscape (minus the no parking sign and street light posts) has an Old World look. That tells me how really old that downtown neighborhood is!

To see more sky photos, visit our hostess, Tisha, at CrAzY Working Mom.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

big storm a'brewin'...

smiles, bee

Calico Crazy said...

I really like this photo, the old buildings, the rolling landscape, the cloudy sky - beautiful, just beautiful.

Calico Contemplations

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I agree that it has an old-timey look. Reality struck when you mentioned the signs. ;-)

Tranquility said...

That is a perfect looking downtown - it looks like it has an appreciation for history!

I love the light that is reflecting on the buildings beneath the dark clouds!

Linda said...

We've had clouds around that a lot this week and yet no rain unlike we had most of the summer.

You are correct in that it does look like an old town in this picture but I'm afraid we are a far cry from Europe (though someday I hope to get there!).

Anna said...

Nice clouds!

Chie Wilks said...

great must be a lovely day that you took the picture...the clouds can tell..

thanks for visiting mine

Sunshine4Life said...

looks like it is going to rain later after that shot!

nice shot!

thanks for the visit and wishing a nice weekend!