Thursday, March 31, 2011

On friends who are visiting, visiting nurses, cards, and flowers

More musings as I use writing to keep my spirits high.

Linus the cat (my baby) has been getting scared. Every time a visitor stops by he runs and hides behind the water heater.

This afternoon two friends brought over food. What a nice surprise. Tonight's menu will be homemade chicken pot pie (thanks, Virginia!) and freshly baked lemon cookies (thanks, Beth!).

We still have lots of leftover lasagna and salad greens, grape tomatoes, and a red pepper (thanks, Barb!) and coconut chocolate chip cookies (thanks, Amy!) We're going to freeze the lasagna. No way we can eat all that now.

Wow. I'm going to gain weight unless I start moving around more. But I'm supposed to rest.

Tomorrow a friend from church is stopping by with dinner. I'm totally overwhelmed.

Today I got a lovely get well card and note from a Facebook friend I've never met. And a beautiful arrangement of flowers from a friend and former co-worker and her husband.

This Ace bandage I am wearing is the longest bandage I've ever seen. The tiny nurse who has visited me twice so far has to wrap it and wrap it around me. That takes longer than taking my vitals.

Some of my lovely parting gifts from the hospital:


Barb said...

Oh, a friend of mine absolutely LOVES those hospital non-skid slippers!

You need to freeze a lot of that stuff! Or invite an army over to eat it.

Rest. You absolutely need to give yourself that.

Big hugs :]

Patti said...

Thanks, Barb. Heading to bed in the near future.

You're up awfully late!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh patti that's wonderful!

smiles, bee

Dianne said...

of course you have good friends
you're a good friend :)

rest and eat and then rest some more

gentle hugs

Linda said...

And such lovely parting gifts they are, too!

I am so glad to read that you had friends brining you over all sorts of goodies! You deserve them and more!