Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pointin' and shootin' through the windshield

 When Ralph is driving, I like to take photos through the windshield. I'm easily amused, I suppose.

These are five of the nine I took Saturday. It had been a gorgeous day at an outdoor event we attended.
The view is along I-95 in southeastern Connecticut, as we headed home.


Cinderella11pm said...

What a magnificent sunrise. Or was it a sunset? Auuugh. Whatever. it was lovely and makes me so appreciate our Earth.

Do you have a RSS feed so I can subscribe to your blog with it Patti?

The way it is now I don't see that little orange button- I added you to my links - I can't see when you update your posts, and I'd like to. Please let me know, okay? Thanks:)

barb @iPhoneographi said...

Lovely sunset! Except for the sun in Ralph's eye perhaps!

I like to take photos through the car windows, too. Unfortunately, I don't often have a driver. It's on my Wish List. :)

Carletta said...

Those last two are striking!
The last one with the bubbles of bokeh remind me of the movie Close Encounters of the third kind. :)

Linda said...

What Barbara said! I sometimes think it might be worth it to have Amanda get her license so she can drive and I can take pictures but I'm not so sure how relaxed I'd be with her behind the wheel! I'm one of those nervous passenger-types that does so much better when I'm doing the driving.