Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cute and observant, if I do say so myself

I went through a drawer yesterday that hasn't been gone through in quite a while.

I found a scrap of paper from 1995, when our daughter was 6 and our son was 4, with the following written on it:

July 30, 1995:

Allegra said, "Cam, you're confusing me." 

Cam replied: "I'm confusing myself."

So Allegra said, "Write it down, Mommy."

~ ~ ~

She knew I was always writing down cute things they said. A lot of it is on scraps of paper.

Now to find them all!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

Oh, that's a priceless gem! You should put them all in a blog. Either type them or scan them in or a combination of both... and then self-publish it for the ultimate heirloom and coffee table book!

Last year it did that with all of my sister Janice's poetry. She cried and cried when she opened it! It only cost me about $35, too. Priceless!

Linda said...

That's so cute, I bet you have all sorts of things written down around the house that you'll be finding here and there tucked away in places that you've forgotten about.

I like Barb's idea, too!