Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ Sergio edition

I took this photo last Saturday as Ralph went up a long drive into the Stonington, Ct. estate of the late romantic tenor Sergio Franchi. 
We were there to attend the 17th annual Sergio Franchi Memorial Concert emceed by his widow, Eva Franchi.
He died in 1991 and she started hosting the concert a few years later.
The grounds are lovely, and offered plenty of seating for the approximately 4,000 in the audience.

A friend of ours got free tickets to the concert, because a close friend of his, and an acquaintance of ours, was one of the performers.

We had a grand time, enjoyed a picnic lunch and sipped wine on a picture-perfect September afternoon.
Sergio seems to be looking out into the audience enjoying the sights and sounds on his 240-acre estate.

Sadly he was only 64 when he passed away.

The program was mostly opera, with a few Broadway show tunes in the mix. 
And the weather could not have been more cooperative!

Below you see our daughter Allegra's bare foot...we go from the sublime to the ridiculous, I guess you could say. Not that our daughter is ridiculous...I merely mean the subject matter of the photo.

As you can see we sat near the side of the stage for most of the concert, except when our friend performed.
I am not a music critic, so far be it from me to review the performance. But I will say even though we are not into opera, Ralph, Allegra and I enjoyed ourselves! 

See our Aussie friend Tracy's Hey Harriet blog for many more shadowy photos.


barb @iPhoneographi said...

I'd be happy as a pig in slop at that concert! Lucky you for getting them free! My favorite price!

Big hugs xoxo

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I would have loved to attend the concert, too!! How great to get free tickets! Marvelous post for the day, Patti! Hope you are doing well and that you have a great weekend!


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Wow...that sounds like it was a fantastic time! There's nothing like listening to music outdoors...glad the weather cooperative - that's always a plus!! Enjoy your week Patti!

bj said...

Well, I love that pretty foot.:))

Glad you had such a good time. I would love to have been there.
xo bj

chubskulit said...

I love that last shot, looks so relaxing.

My Shadow, have a wonderful weekend!

Paula Scott said...

That stone wall in the first image has me intrigued! What a perfect day it sounds like the two of you had.

Cassie said...

Very nice ShadowShots! (Even A's bearfeet;0) I've only taken to a few operas, but oddly my daughter has loved it since she was a little tyke...watching it on PBS by herself!! Looked like a lovely day indeed.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Interesting stone wall! It looks like an example of dry cement! Lots of skill required for that! And love the tree gracing it! Sounds as if you enjoyed your time with music outdoors!

Linda said...

I told you Barbara would have loved it!

I do wish I had been feeling better as I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more being that some of the tenors were very good! I was just done in by those darned sopranos!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The stones in the wall seem to be piled rather precariously, as though one good sneeze would send them tumbling!


My shadow and I are very best friends;
We walk hand in hand, though the sidewalk ends.

No matter the time of day or of night,
My shadow and I will always stick tight.

We don’t even think of drifting apart,
For shadow and I are one soul and one heart.

To have such a friend is heaven, you see,
For I love my shadow, and shadow loves me.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shady Lady Aster

Genie said...

I would have been in hog heaven at this concert because I am one of those lovers of opera. I even have my middle school children listening to it in my in-school suspension room. After a while they actually begin liking it....but NOT at first. Love the shots...they really do put the viewer right there in your shoes. Hope you have a nice week. genie

sarayutouched said...

he was rather handsome. and allegra's barefoot is great!! nothing like being comfortable!!