Friday, November 12, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ sunny!

I always appreciate alliteration, as many bloggers do.

Snapped this when I went with blogging friend Linda of Are We There Yet? fame to the Northwest hills of Connecticut to do some leaf peeping and foliage picture taking. She drove, I pointed at trees and hills and said "pretty!"

Can you figure out what hour (Daylight Savings Time) we were on the Norfolk, Ct. Green?

Now that I look at it again, I think the sundial was using Eastern Standard Time. I know it was later in the afternoon than what it shows here.

The inscription says "My days are as a shadow and there is none abiding."

Food for thought. ;-)

Below we see Linda using her Nikon to get a shot of the sundial. I've got lots of photos from that October foliage ride. Must get them organized and posted.

You can see lots of shadowy shots from around the world by visiting Hey Harriet, hosted by our awesome Aussie friend Tracy.


jabblog said...

Lovely sundial shadows. I suppose it's midday though you think later? Ah, well, I was never much good at telling the time ;-)

Ralph said...

You girls took a wonderful trip to NW Connecticut. Next year perhaps I may tag along (please)??

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that is the absolute perfect "shadow" shot!!!

smiles, bee

Sylvia K said...

Love the sundial! And what lovely shadows! Sounds like such a fun trip! I'd be asking the same question as Ralph if I were there!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Lovely shadows - I've never quite grasped how to tell the time on a sundial (despite having one in the garden).

EG Wow said...

I LOVE sundials but confess I don't know how to read them. But hey! they make fantastic garden ornaments and I wish I had one. :)

Jen said...

It's a quarter til 3. ?
Great shot!!

Barb said...

Sitting in the passenger seat, pointing and saying "pretty" is one of my favorite things!

A lovely shot, although I've never figured out a good reason for DST. My brain implodes when I try to think about it any more!

I'm hoping to do some foliage hunting next year, too!

Big hugs :]

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

You went to met your bloggy friend? You lucky lady?

This is perfect shot, Pat! The second pix showed the lacy shadow & I love that most.

Happy SS and enjoy the sunny day, as I told R too.


Greyscale Territory said...

Love the crisp sundial shadow! A reflective kind of photo!

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous shots Patti!

My entries can be found at the following blogs, hope you can visit. Thanks in advance.

Spice Up Your Life
Nostalgic Marveling

Linda said...

Hmmm, I seem to recall mentioning that the sundial would be perfect for a Shadow Shot Sunday post! And indeed it does!

I've got to get those pictures organized myself before we're in the dead of winter but I'm still wading through Maine pictures first. Still!

And I guess being that Ralph said "please" that I guess we'll let him tag along next year ... maybe! It was fun having a Girl's Day Out after all! Perhaps we should do two trips!

Hey Harriet said...

That's such a neat show for SSS! I love the sundial. It looks to be just after noon but I'm probably wrong! Your photo trip sounds like it was a fun adventure!

PS - kangaroos in the wild aren't scary. They're perfectly harmless. Well, the ones I've come across have been friendly at least :)

Have a great week Patti!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shadow shot!


Arija said...

Delightfully oxidised sundisal

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


Round and round the shadow goes,
When it stops, the dial knows—
Knows the time and knows the place
By the shadow on its face;
Round and round the shadow goes,
Striking such a timely pose.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Dianne said...

that's a pretty sundial, don't see many of them

looks like you photog divas had a great day :)