Monday, November 29, 2010

Online shopping today?

Not moi, but I guess many people are..I'm just not in the Christmas spirit. Or the shopping spirit, for that matter!

I have a few gift ideas rolling around in my head.
In our extended family we enjoy a wacky Yankee Swap on Christmas Eve. The other day I saw a perfect gift that is sure to be "swapped" around the room.
It's a George Washington Chia head.
There are several other Chia choices, including our current president, but I liked ol' George the best.

I think it will elicit a few laughs. ;-D

Happy Cyber Monday for those who partake.


Barb said...

We've agreed not to shop at all this year. That was me exhaling a great sigh of relief as I hate shopping.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Lisa said...

We don't have to shop much, just for the neices and nephews and our daughter. But I still like to find little thoughtful things.

But money is tight this year, and with the announcement yesterday regarding freezing federal raises, it just got a whole lot tighter. I was expecting a raise in March. Ugh.

EG Wow said...

We're not buying much this year - it's a family agreement. :) But I will purchase a few books. Luckily most of my family likes to read.