Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sepia Scenes ~ feline fun

This stray cat relaxing outside my hairdresser Maureen's shop reminded me of the Top Cat cartoon I watched as a kid. Top Cat lived in a garbage can, but he had all the comforts of home. I can remember the TV antenna on top of the can.
I thought I'd share this video, to bring back wonderful memories for those of a certain age. ;-)
Or those who have seen the show on Cartoon Network or YouTube!
Maureen said she feeds about a dozen strays every morning and evening. She even named some of them. They're lucky to have found her!

Visit Mary T's Sepia Scenes to see many more sepia-fied photos from around the world.


concretenprimroses said...

Hi Patti,
I loved Top Cat too.
Nice sepia of the kitty.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm in New Hampshire.

Dianne said...

I loved Top Cat, he had such style ;)

great sepia of the cat

bless Maureen for caring for them

in case she doesn't know, there are agencies that will fix the males for her and then they can be released back to her yard
that will stop the cycle

in fact I read somewhere that CT still has one of the better 'fix and release' programs
many areas have cut them back or out

anyway - sorry for the long soapbox moment
you know me and animals :)

Carletta said...

I think I was in love with Top Cat when I was uh, um, a younger girl. :)
I can almost still hear the music.
Nice shot in Sepia!

Carletta said...

I forgot you included the video and just watched and listened to the tune - ahhh.....

EG Wow said...

Your hairdresser sounds like the "bestest" ever!

Anonymous said...

That cat looks good in sepia and it seems to be really enjoying it's nap :)

Lennie said...

Beautiful picture :)

Ma.links said...

Aaw how cute. Great shot!

Leora said...

What a sweet cat! She looks so comfortable.

Annie said...

Circle picture.
Circle can.
Circle kitty.

How cool is THAT?

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