Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Caught him!

With the camera, I mean. Through the sliding glass door. That's why the picture is not clear.
He must live near the patio, because he keeps coming around.
Why am I calling this chipmunk a he? Maybe he is a she.
How can one tell?


Barb said...

When they sing, the females voice is always an octave higher than the male's. bwahahahaha!

I miss Chipmonks. We don't have then down here.

Lisa Ceaser said...

Barb - you can have all of my chipmunks, they keep eating my birdseed!

I would like to think since HER cheeks are full its a girl. She's planning and preparing for winter. The BOY munk would probably just eat it all. hahahaha.

Kidding of course.