Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruby Tuesday ~ anchors aweigh

Yet another shot of the interesting garden lovingly cared for by a friend. I've posted several photos from our visit two weeks ago, most recently on Sunday. This photo is straight out of the camera.
If I had cropped it I would have gotten rid of the dandelion for her.

Visit our hostess, Mary T, to see many more photos featuring shades of red.

* We are having problems with our Internet connection...it has been slower than slow and after having to struggle with it all day for work yesterday I had to walk away.
Our daughter called the provider last night and they may send someone out today if it's not better. I hope so..it's so aggravating.
I've been bad about visiting blog friends lately. I do hope to catch up with everyone.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Hope your computer problems GO AWAY! Happy Ruby Day!!!

Jim said...

Oh Patti! Out of school every one and a broke Internet! GMA this morning had a headline about the disgruntled 'techies' all over the U.S. yesterday with their broken Internet. I didn't stay awake to listen to the story.
Maybe you fit with those?

I like your anchor find. It seems to me as being wooden and painted. Am I right?
The lady's insulators brought memories. Dad had a 55 gallon barrel full of these. My sister and I got some and gave some to the family. The rest went to the new farm owner as Dad had died and we had to sell it.
I'd have given you the whole barrel but I didn't know you then. He lived in Nebraska.

Happy RT! Please put you on your list to visit!

Felisol said...

I get so helplessly mad when I have computer problems.
Usually I cry to Gunnar for help,
and my mastermind man will do so.
Worse when I'm alone.
Surprisingly fowl language coming out of my moth.
Good I'm alone.
Your anchor find is great. The dandelion sure has spread its seeds a week ago.
Too late for regrets. Besides, dandelions are very photogenic.

Annie said...

what an interesting shape. Is this some sort of anchor?

Carletta said...

I'd love to visit this garden! :)
Seems this and your previous post could be yard art posts. Can't wait to see what you post on Thursday.

We've come to want Internet in an instant - and it's a bummer when we don't get it. :)

EG Wow said...

I don't mind the dandelion at all, Patti. The anchor would look great in my garden so if one day your friend is missing it.... :))

EG Wow said...

Oh, I forgot to say I'm so sorry you are having Internet problems! Grrr! My connection has been very slow, too. In fact, so slow I often cannot upload photos. It's OK today, though. Maybe yours is too. :)

Dianne said...

we have spotty outages for no apparent reason
I know it's frustrating, especially when you count on it for work

I love the anchor
your friend has such an interesting garden

Linda said...

Personally I like dandelions, especially in the ready-to-blow-away phase!

Hope your internet is back up and running; it's hard to believe that we used to put up with dial-up but now it's way too frustrating to wait for a page to load!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Anchor your garden
with roses and posies and
fragrance for nosies!

Red Door to Wonder

eileeninmd said...

Now that is different yard art, great capture for Ruby Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

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