Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kwick kwestion about Kats =^. .^=

Has anyone ever had or heard of a feline that plays fetch? Just wondrin' aloud, because our Linus brings a little rubber ball to me to throw for him.
He reminds me of a dog when he does this (sorry, Linus!)

It's so cute. I bounce the ball against the wall, and it ricochets all over the kitchen as he skitters around trying to catch it. Then he brings it to me again, dropping it on the floor.
I roll it down the bedroom hall and it bounces off the wall at the end of the hall.

He also likes me to throw a little felt toy fish, but it doesn't bounce so it's not quite as amusing. But he still chases the fish, and brings it back. If he doesn't give it to me, he pushes it under a piece of furniture so that I have to move the table or cabinet away from the wall so he can reach it.
I guess the cats know how to have fun around here!

(When I was little our neighbors had a black cat named Silhouette, or Silly for short. I didn't realize as a child how silly kitties can be, and how fitting that name is for a cat. If I ever get another cat, and he/she is black, I know what I will name him/her. Not that I'm planning on getting another feline any time soon!)


Catherine said...

Bonsoir Patti,
Quand la porte d'une armoire est ouverte, notre chat va chercher une paire de chaussettes (en boule)de Gabriel (5yo) et joue avec comme avec une souris. Il crie, pousse les chausettes de la patte. Comme tu dis, les chats savent trouver des distractions quand ils en ont envie.

(Oui Patti, Snowman = bonhomme de neige, au pluriel bonShommeS mais on prononce de comme au singulier.)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hey thats a good cat. does he sit on comand?

Bond said...

Maybe there is dog in his family tree?

storyteller said...

My best friend's cats 'retrieve' much as Molly, my lab, does ... but only when SHE wants ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sure, my cats used to love to play. now mr. whiskers does not but he's old and lazy like me!

smiles, bee