Saturday, June 23, 2012

This story has a happy ending

Well I guess it's about time I posted something on my personal blog..been busy trying to keep two other blogs current!

This afternoon I wrote a story about a couple in the next town who won a $25,000 makeover from the Desperate Landscapes show on the  Do-It-Yourself Network for their front yard and house, situated on a quiet, dead-end street.

I'm acquainted with the wife, so I felt a real attachment to the story. She grew up with my neighbor and they have been best friends since childhood.

She also shares my first name, which is always fun. ;-)

Please give the story a look ~ it's a heartwarming one.

The couple has two children: a teen-aged son, and an eight-year old daughter with special needs.

They had more than their share of problems with a contractor several years ago. He left their front yard in a state of disrepair, they said.
Their property was a mess and they couldn't afford to fix it.

Now thanks to winning a contest for having the ugliest yard in New England their home and the yard look absolutely beautiful.

I'm happy for them! They deserve this good fortune.


Linda said...

It's always nice to hear when someone has some good fortune come their way!

Barb said...

Wonderful for them! I wonder how I can get a kitchen makeover. Or a bedroom makeover. Oh, which to choose...

Cinderella said...

That's great that they won and got so much help. I don't understand though. No matter what sort of disrepair a former contractor left in their yard, (and why did he?)why weren't they doing all they could to maintain it on their own? I'm a gardener, and the story doesn't ring true. You can always cultivate, weed, mow, tidy up, etc.

bj said...

Hi, Patti...I love it when a worthy person wins good fortune. Their front yard looks amazing.
xo bj