Monday, November 15, 2010

Ruby Tuesday ~ historic

On Sunday our daughter Allegra worked at a Thanksgiving open house at the David Humphreys House.
The house in Ansonia, Ct. is run by the Derby Historical Society. She has been working there as a docent teaching fifth graders who visit the house on school field trips about life in the18th century.
The experience will be invaluable if she becomes an elementary school teacher, which is her goal.
In the photo taken through a front window you can see the sign for the house, where Humphreys, a Revolutionary War hero, was born in 1752.
You can read more about the event here in a post I wrote Sunday, and in posts Ralph wrote Sunday and today. I hope you take a look at them!

See lots more photos featuring a little or a lot of red for Ruby Tuesday at Mary T's Work of the Poet.


Leora said...

How nice that your daughter wants to be a teacher. Sounds like a wonderful place - we love visiting historical villages.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


Cemetery blues, I got the cemetery blues,
Deep down in my bones
I got the cemetery blues.

Have you heard the story, darlin’, have you heard the news?
Deep down in my bones
I got the cemetery blues.

Maybe I’ll be diggin’ my own grave some darksome night;
Deep down in my bones
I know that somethin’ isn’t right.

But if you help me dig the hole for my restin’ place,
Deep down in my bones
I know that I’ll experience grace.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

RT: Cranes

reg said...

a very beautiful spot. I am always so fascinated at what a cemetery can teach us.

Maria @ LSS said...

Sounds like a wonderful palce.

Happy Ruby!

Maria @ LSS

Cafe au lait said...

Great shot! Happy RT.

Marites said...

that's a cemetery! looks like an interesting place to check out.

Linda said...

Interesting angle from the doorway! I wonder how the people who lived there used to like to open their front door and look out across at the cemetery? That had to be quite the view especially on stormy nights with lots of lightning!

Auntie E said...

History is so great. Glad she has taken a liking to it.
My Ruby Tuesday-Fall Lazy Flare

Carolina Mountains said...

I love to wander cemeteries. Lived in CT for 12 years many years ago. Beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

What Linda said! That's exactly what I was thinking! Creepy at night!

EG CameraGirl said...

How wonderful that Allegra wants to be a teacher! Yes, working as a docent is excellent experience!

Dianne said...

I really like historical sites, especially for photography

I would imagine Allegra will be a wonderful teacher :)