Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sepia scenes ~ Boston building

I liked how this stately old edifice - Board of Trade Building - appears like it must have looked in a former time. There were no air conditioners in the windows and there were no power lines in the way. It seems as if the photo could have been snapped a hundred years ago.
At least I think so.
Ralph and I were in Boston for our nephew's wedding on Father's Day weekend and I took this then.
See more sepia-fied pix at Sepia Scenes, hosted by Mary T.


Anonymous said...

That is precisely why these old buildings lend themselves so well to the sepia post-processing. There's several things that I find appealing about older architecture. First of all, they are have so much character. The architects paid a great deal of attention to the details. You can always feel a sense of the history they have witnessed. They are also built much better than today's cookie-cutter buildings. Which is of course why they have stood the test of time and have lived to tell the tales.

Carletta said...

Definitely a post card image of days gone by!
I'd much rather see these old buildings than the square glass reflecting facades of today's world.