Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our son works at graduation

Cameron, Kid Two, worked the technical stuff at his sister's commencement ceremony Sunday. The main ceremony was streamed live on the Internet, and Cam was an integral part of that coming together.

He will be a junior at the University of Hartford in the fall and we are as proud of him as we are of Allegra! Here he is onstage with a variety of dignitaries.

On the right is Jennifer Rizzotti, the university's women's basketball team coach, who was selected as the commencement speaker. She joked that she realized it was unusual for a sports coach to be tapped as commencement speaker.
But not to worry. She was a perfect choice, and had a great message for the grads!
Rizzotti is such a wonderful role model for young women. She was a star player on the University of Connecticut's first national championship women's basketball team in '95 and has coached at the University of Hartford for 11 seasons. I can tell just by watching her interact with students that she truly cares about them.

Allegra loves her. She saw her in action with the basketball team as the pep band that Allegra was part of traveled for tournaments to places like Louisiana, upstate New York State, Baltimore and more.

Next to Jen Rizzotti is the Most Rev. Henry J. Mansell, Archbishop of the Hartford, who was one of the honorary degree recipients. Not sure about the others...

I think I am done posting about the graduation. But who knows?


Anonymous said...

No apologies needed from me! I could do with reading a lot more stuff like this! It is quite a lot of work to get a kid raised up right and through college nowadays! You have every right to puff your chest out and be proud parents!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you post as many as you want to honey!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

What Barb said and you already know how I feel about the pictures - keep 'em coming!

A big round of applause to Cameron - I'm sure he was one of the most integral parts of the day to turn out the success that it was!