Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Day 2010 ~ wrap up (I think)

I've been going on and on about our daughter Allegra's graduation, but I had a lot of photos so I decided to split them into several posts. So sue me. ;-)

This is Allegra with her friend, Scott, who received a master's degree in psychology on Sunday.

The cool thing about Scott is that he was the first University of Hartford student Allegra and I met when we visited the campus. He was a sophomore when he gave us a tour of the school, when Allegra was a senior in high school. He was (and is) funny and personable and she and I both liked him immediately.
When she started there as a freshman they became friends, and have been friends ever since.

And he now has a master's degree! Way to go, Scott!
He is going to be a school psychologist, and has an internship lined up at a high school near where we live, coincidentally enough.

Sunday was a long day, but a good one. That is, until something really strange came upon yours truly, as I was sitting with my family having a celebration dinner.

Maybe God was punishing me for ordering a mixed drink. Maybe Patti the Good is not supposed to order mixed drinks. (I usually will just get a glass of wine with dinner.)
But I wanted to toast our daughter in style, so she and I both ordered a Cosmopolitan, something we had never had. It was made with cranberry juice and was delicious.

While we were eating and I was sitting there minding my own business, I got a shooting pain in my left ankle bone. It was horrible. I never had anything like that happen before.

I couldn't get comfortable. Even sharing tiramisu with Ralph didn't help. It hurt. I had to go out to the car and relax, but I could barely walk out of the restaurant. Putting weight on my foot was painful.
When we got home I immediately laid down and elevated my foot. I decided to take a pain reliever; I did and promptly fell asleep. Two hours later I was fine and it didn't hurt any more.
What happened? I haven't a clue.

My only thought is that I walked a long distance in sandals (although they are almost flat heels) and I pulled something. I should have just gone barefoot, I guess. Here you can see that Ralph and Cameron were a bit ahead of me. By that point I had given up trying to keep up!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

wow don't have any idea what happened to your foot! hope it is okay now and stays that way. allegra looks so happy, what a great day!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Well, we're just going to have to get together one of these days and have a Cosmopolitan and see if you get that same pain. That's the only way we'll know whether or not the drink was the culprit!

Nothing for nothing but Scott sure doesn't look old enough to have his Master's Degree already. He's what, about 15??? Congratulations to him, though, and I bet he makes a great school psychologist!

As for Allegra, I say if you have more pictures you want to post then go for it! It's your blog and you're certainly more than allowed to post pictures of something and someone you are very, very deservedly proud of. I wouldn't mind in the least!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Cosmos! I make a pretty good one, too!

I think you probably got a bit dehydrated and had a very long day.

Way to go, Scott!