Saturday, May 22, 2010

Um, orb?

I was rather surprised, to put it mildly, when I put this photo taken after Sunday's commencement ceremonies on the computer and took a look.
Of all the photos we took that day it is the only one with an "orb" in it. Now I realize a lot of people don't think that orbs are spirits among us, coming by to say hi.
But it is interesting/fun to consider it, right Linda?

My immediate thought was that it was the spirit of one of Allegra's three late grandparents wanting to be a part of the celebration. It was a happy family event, after all!


sarayutouched said...

i too believe...i have many happy orbs that have shown up in pictures. they are a delight every time that happens. i am sure that they were there, sharing in the moment.

have a great weekend patti.

Linda said...

I totally agree with the above comment - I think it was one of your relatives come to share in the happy moment of the day and they stuck around long enough to be in the picture!