Monday, June 17, 2013

Ruby Tuesday ~ vehicles, history and poetry

Red barn, red pickup

Our Father's Day tradition continued this year with a slight twist.

We attended the annual vintage vehicle show at the Shelton History Center.
The twist was that our daughter, Allegra, was there in 1913 costume, volunteering as a docent for the first time.
She gave three tours of the Marks-Brownson House on the history center grounds. And she enjoyed it!

There's a tiny spot of red in this photo!

This photo is from the 10th annual Poetry Cafe I attended recently at Ansonia (Ct.) Middle School. Here Bob DeSautels, a retired reading teacher who is now working as a substitute, recites "To Morrow," a folk song made popular by the Kingston Trio in 1960.

Reading teacher Yvette Bailey did a great job transforming her classroom into a "beatnik-era" cafe.

It was a fun event, for the seventh and eighth graders who participated (it was optional) and the audience members (like me).

As you can see I get to cover fun programs for my job!

I haven't played Ruby Tuesday in a long time. I'm happy to return.  
Check out lots of photos from around the world that feature a little or a lot of red here



Michele said...

Great pictures and article!

Liz said...

That pickup is so handsome!

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Robin said...

I love To Morrow, always makes me giggle. How did I never realize that it was a Kingston Trio song? It's so very them after all...

Robin said...

Whoops, hit enter too quickly. You covered that for your work? Wow, that is so much cooler than my job...

It's good to see you again Patti.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Whoa, Patti! That old Chevy pickup is a dazzler!

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