Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cameron is a grad-uit

... even though he still has classes and final exams ahead in the next two weeks.

Sunday's commencement ceremony at the University of Hartford made me and Ralph proud. Our son is a graduate and ready to move on to a career working in the computer science field. 
We were pretty far back in the audience. I wish I had a telephoto lens and a better camera, but I did catch Cam shaking hands with one of the Deans or somebody important!

He will get his diploma in the mail next month.

 Allegra is proud of her "little brother." 

And here are the three of us after the ceremony.

Ralph and I have already shared photos on Facebook, but I wanted to write a short blog post as well to let Cameron know how proud we all are of him. ;-)


LAC said...

Congratulations to all! Its not an easy task these days.

And btw, you look fantastic!!!!

Carletta said...

I know you and Ralph are very proud of his accomplishments.
Wishing him continued success in his chosen field.
Congratualations to you all!

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